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Dear Sir,

 Please quote your most competitive FLT (Hook / Hook) rate for the subject cargo on the terms and conditions described in the attachments between 1800 hours on 15th April 2019 to 1500 hours on 16th April 2019 (Sri Lanka time).

 1)     Bids should be submitted in the letterhead of the Bidder signed by an Authorized Signatory.

 2)      Quotations should be sent only to this email id chartcom@cscl.lk  within the time period specified below.

 3)      Bid closing date : 16th April 2019

 4)      Bid receiving time by email: between 1800 hours on 15th April 2019 to 1500 hours on 16th April 2019 (Sri Lanka time).

 5)      Email address for any clarifications only : intl-removals@cscl.lk

 6)      Contact no. for enquiries on the Tender: Tel: Office 011-2497800, Ext 262 / 226 / 290; Mobile Phone +94 71 0215708, +94 71 0215721, +94 71 0215722

 7)      Bids received after the closing date/time shall be liable to be rejected.

 8)      The Procurement Committee of CSC reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid, and to cancel the Bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to the issuance of the Letter of Award, without thereby incurring any liability to the Bidders or any obligation to inform the Bidders of the grounds for Procurement Committee action / decision.

 9)      The decision of the Procurement Committee of CSC shall be final and conclusive.

 10)   The following Documents are attached to this Invitation for Bids;


                         (a)             Instructions to Bidders

                         (b)             Bid Offer Form (Form No. 01)

                          (c)             Form of Bid (Form No. 02 )

                         (d)             Form to submit Experience and performing ship’s particulars (Form No. 03)

                         (e)             Format for Performance Security (Form No. 04)

                           (f)             Format for Booking Note & Rider Clauses (Form No. 05)

 Thanks & Best Regards

 Procurement Committee (Ship Chartering) of CSC

Ceylon Shipping Corporation  Ltd.

# 27, MICH Building, Sir Razik  Fareed  Mawatha,

Colombo 00100

Sri Lanka

  Form of Bid (Wagons) - 02 B      
  Format for Booking Note-B      
  Format for Performance Security (Wagons) - 02 B      
  Instruction to Bidders (Wagons) - 02 B      
  Price - Bid Offer Form (Wagons) - 02 B      
  Ship's Particulars and Experience Form (Wagons) - 02 B      

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