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Shashi Dhanatunge



Bringing back our maritime glory

It is our objective to reinstate the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd. to its glorious position and instill pride among our team to serve the National Carrier.

The Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd. was established in 1971. However, Sri Lanka has a long history of shipping activity which dates back nearly a thousand years.

Sitting astride the global shipping route, Sri Lanka has always played an important role as a port of call for maritime traffic and global commerce, whether it was in ancient times, or in the present day. Ancient scripts from what is now Myanmar, speak of a flourishing maritime trade with ships from Sri Lanka as far back as the year 1164.

Today, the CSC continues this proud maritime tradition, helping bring the world to Sri Lanka, and taking Sri Lanka to the world.

Our task today is a multifaceted one. As the National Carrier, we support the efforts of the Government to develop Sri Lanka into a major shipping hub in South Asia utilizing the many harbours all around the island. We create strategic partnerships with the finest in the industry, to take CSC to heights it has never been before.

With our new focus on the entire world as our market, we strive to increase market share. Using the new opportunities that have arisen through the embracing of Good Governance by the present Government, we explore opportunities to connect with other National Carriers around the globe.

We are constantly improving our systems and procedures to create an efficient and accountable working environment for our staff, thereby promoting convenience for and confidence among our stakeholders. This includes new management strategies and technology to optimize performance.

We will shortly be launching Ferry and Cruise operations to nearby destinations such as India, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Myanmar, and supporting the national agenda of increasing tourism and regional cooperation.

As the National Carrier, we will also create opportunities for Sea Cadet Training, introduce Internships for Undergraduates, build a state-of-the-art office complex to house all the shipping agencies, training institutes & professional services and induce new thinking into one of the oldest professions.


Shashi Dhanatunge





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